Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Service provided

I (Fiona Archibald of Organise with Fiona) offer a professional decluttering and organising service working alongside you (the client) to clear and organise your home. Any decisions on what to donate/sell/dispose of are directed by you (the client). I am unable to advise on the value of items or what items you should or shouldn’t keep. I am covered by professional liability insurance and I am a member of APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers). I will provide rubbish bags and also use a confidentiality roller/shredder to dispose of confidential information.

Insurance/handling goods

I will ensure I handle your belongings with care but you should ensure you have cover through your own home insurance in the event that any items are broken/damaged. I am unable to move very large/heavy items so if this is required you should ensure you have arrangements in place to do so.


I will be asking about any risks to my personal safety at our initial consult. You (the client) agree to disclose anything that could be a danger/hazard to me while working in your home. I should me made aware if there is any risk of sharp/dangerous/hazardous objects in the area I will be working in. Any evidence of infestation found will need to be reported to pest control services and the session ended. Payment will be required for the full session.

Other services

I may make recommendations for other services/contacts but I do not accept responsibility for their work/services. You should ensure you have an agreement with them prior to any work carried out. I will not be liable for any issues that arise from their service. If I do not think I am the right person for the job I will endeavour to direct you to someone else who is.


I adhere to GDPR (General Date Protection Regulations). I will ensure your data is kept confidential and not shared with anyone unless required to by law. I will ask your consent to share photos and any testimonials/reviews on my social media/website. This can either show your name or be anonymous. I will however leave your address with a family member on the day for my own safety which will subsequently be destroyed after our session.


Bank transfer/PayPal is my preferred form of payment. Other payment options will be considered. Payment should be made on the same day. I am happy to take away items for recycling/waste/donation to charity. As long as this is one car load only per session. I am happy to travel up to 20 miles (one way) for free to a clients home but any additional travel will incur an extra charge per mile of 45p. If there are parking fees these will be added to the cost of session also. Session length should be agreed prior to session (after initial consult) but if you (the client) wants to extend the session (if timing permits) that day or over another day then you will be charged the usual hourly rate. It can be difficult to tell how long is required as it is client led. I will do my best to estimate this but please be aware this is an estimate only.


You have the right to cancel your session. If this is less than 24 hours before the session then this will incur a 50% charge of the session cost.